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Our design engineers can take the menace out of demanding scenarios and create adaptive designs to meet any production atmosphere.  Our engineers will work directly with the customer to understand all required criteria and deliver the best possible solution.  Our solutions include PLC controls, robotic development and integration, and a wide range of research and development projects.  Feel free to give us a call or stop on by and we can discuss on how we become part of your team to make your production better, faster, and cheaper.  We have several expert control engineers in house that can assist in developing unique production aid tooling and customized software, if required, to complete any unique production requirements.  FLX Technologies has a vast knowledge in creating solutions for applying various coatings throughout the automotive and aerospace industries.  Systems developed have included hard shim applications, adaptive tooling for rubber materials, vision systems, and many other diverse dispensing and customized applications.   Our team has over forty years in the production industry.  We continually develop methods to make production practices better, faster, and cheaper.  Once an idea is proposed we easily take the idea and produce a prototype for the customer to try in the field.  Based on feedback we can make final adjustments and produce a production worthy product for use in their industry.

Our Vision.

Our team of engineers have more than 40 years of engineering research and development experience specializing in automotive, aerospace, and oil field industries. 

As a result of our teams efforts we have many production aid tooling and systems in the manufacturing realm including the portable sealant dispense system, the bonded fastener tool, P-Stud Sanding Gun, Automated Glue Robot, and many other types of tooling to help the manufacture produce their items better faster cheaper.

Our team has a wealth of building experiences not only with automated equipment but production tooling such as large aluminum dollies, aircraft scaffolding, aircraft canopy dollies, aircraft vertical and horizontal tail dollies, fall protection carts, and many other fabrications that our team has complete cradle to grave.

We strive on building relationships with our customers and we are committed to providing top quality workmanship, engineering designs, and product delivery.


FLX TECHNOLOGIES- We create more then innovative designs, we create solutions.


Company Profile.

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Call Us:  (817) 244-0933

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